8 Best WiFi Hacker Apps To Hack WiFi Password Without Root

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Best WiFi Hacker Apps Without Root

Best WiFi Hacker Apps To Hack WiFi Password Without Root

Hello there! Every one of you has once tried to hack a Wi-Fi connection of your friend or neighbors. Because data plan rate is so high that you cannot download movies using your data plan and also cannot watch high HD videos on YouTube. So we are just limited to surfing the internet and nothing more than that. So, in this article we will be sharing a list of top best WiFi hacker Apps to hack WiFi password without root.

But let me tell you now we have  number of application available in the Google play store which you can download once and enjoy the unlimited free internet. Although we know that we can hack a Wi-Fi password using different software and coding but a non-technical person cannot do all those things. To overcome that limit we need some WiFi hacker APK to get the password of protected WiFi network.

So to make your work easy, we have found some of the android application which you can install on our android phones and after a single click, your neighbor’s WiFi will be hacked and you can enjoy the service.

Before checking out the best WiFi hacker app which you can install, you need to fulfill some requirements so that you cannot face problem in future:
  1. You should have an Android phone version at least 4.0.
  2. Your phone should catch good quality signal of Wi-Fi so that password of a Wi-Fi can be cracked easily without taking so much of time.
So, now you have fulfilled all the above-mentioned requirements. Go through the short description of all the below-mentioned applications and choose whatever application you like.

1. WPS Connect

It is one of the best Wi-Fi hacking application for android and it works only with rooted android phones. With WPS connect, we can disables other user internet connection and hack any WPS secured Wi-Fi password. Also, it works with any routers easily.

So, just download the WPS connect application for android and install it on your android phone and after that connect to the Wi-Fi that you would like to hack. One of the disadvantages of this application that it works with only rooted Android phone and also it hacks only WPS secured Wi-Fi Connection.

Get It From Here

2. Wi-Fi Kill

wifi-hack-apkIt is also one of the best WiFi hacker Apps which enables you to enjoy the full bandwidth of the Wi-Fi Connection. Using this application, it disables the internet connection of other users and allows you to utilize the full speed of Wi-Fi Alone.

Apart from that, it also gives traffic information of devices connected to the same network and shows internet usage of all the devices connected to the same network. This android application works with android version of 4.0+.
Here I have mentioned the link where you can download the WiFi hack APK file of this application and install it on your android phone and start using it.

WiFi Kill APK

3. Arpspoof

This is one of the best applications which is used for network auditing which is written by Dug Song as a part of the dsniff package. This application increases the traffic on the local network by fake ARP replies and sending them to a specific device or all the host present in the local area network.

Apart from that it also give access to information about the Wi-Fi network, this application only works with rooted android phone which is one of the disadvantages of this application. Also it send fake ARP replies which can take some time in WiFi hacking. Why don’t you try this application?

ArpSpoof WiFi Hack ApK

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4. Wi-Fi You

It is one of the powerful application which collects millions Wi-Fi passwords and store in a cloud so that when a user connects to a Wi-Fi, it searches its database for the key so that it can be connected to a WiFi. So it is also a great WiFi Hacking App which you can use to connect WiFi without password.
Though it doesn’t try to hack a Wi-Fi connection but this application is very much liked by the users because it also tells the hotspots around you and also tries to get the password so that you can enjoy the Wi-Fi. Just download the application from play store and start searching for a network for a free Wi-Fi.

Download WiFi You WiFi Hacker App

5. Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester

This is one of the best WiFi hacker apps for Android, which helps to crack the WPS secured Wi-Fi and WPA secured Wi-Fi. Using this application, you can connect to some of the routers who have some vulnerabilities and attack them.
This application works with only android phones who are rooted and it doesn’t work with any non-rooted android phone. Also, when the application is opened it uses some algorithms like Zhao, TrendNet and Dlink for calculating the PIN for cracking a Wi-Fi connection.

Get WPA WPS Tester

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6. Nmap for Android

Nmap is one of the top android WiFi password hacking applications, which is also called network mapper and one of the features that makes this application better for every other application is that it works for both rooted as well as non-rooted phones.

It is basically used by professionals for network exploration and also scan the network for system details and port number. However, if your android phone is rooted you can explore more features. So why don’t you download this application and use it?

Get Nmap Here

7. AndroDumpper

It is one of the newest application that has come in the google play store. It also used for accessing the Wi-Fi connection and also it pushes a notification whenever there is a Wi-Fi connection In the reach of this application and try to crack the password using its method.

For making the user to easily use the application they have also provided a small guide for the users which tell the steps to hack WiFi password APK.

Get AndroDumper WiFi Hacker APK

8. Wi-Fi Inspect

This application is an audit tool which is used for security and also it helps to crack the password of a Wi-Fi. Though hacking is illegal, this application was not made for hacking purposes, it was made for the professionals who want to know about  Wi-Fi connection details and security purposes.

One of the disadvantages of this application is that it can only work in the rooted phone not in non-rooted android phones. Apart from that this application has a number of features like vulnerability scan, Port scan, Network Sniffer, UPnp Device Scanner, host vulnerability scan and much more. So, use this great WiFi hacker app and use free Wi-Fi.

Get It On Play Store

How to use a Wi-Fi hacking Application?

Here we are going to take the example of the AndroDumpper Crack application and you can follow these steps for every application.
  1. First of all download the application from the given link.
  2. After installing, it will ask for root permission and press Ok or click on 'No Root'.
  3. After that, it will show the Wi-Fi connection near to you. Click on the connection that you want to crack.
  4. Click on connect and after that click on the custom pin.
  5. It will take few seconds and then you can copy the password of that Wi-Fi connection and use it.

So, these were the best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android to get the password of any WiFi network near your location. Use any of these WiFi Hacker Apps and crack password of any WiFi. All these WiFi hacker apk are tested by us and working fine. If you need to hack WiFi password without root access then this article is for you. In this list most of the apps are working even without root access. So use these apps and enjoy free WiFi without paying even a single penny and that too at high speed. :) If you liked my work then please Share this post and leave a comment of your query.

AdSense Approval Trick - Approve AdSense Easily

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Google AdSense Approval Trick

Approve Google AdSense | AdSense Approval Trick / Guide

Hello! In this article, I'll be sharing an awesome trick to approve Google AdSense easily in very first attempt. Google AdSense is very popular advertising program because it provides great service. AdSense have high paying rates for publishers and almost all bloggers and webmasters are using AdSense. So if you are new in blogging world then you might be thinking about using Google AdSense on your blog or website. Right ? Yes, that's why you're here.

So main problem is AdSense don't approve every account, to get AdSense approved on your blog you must comply with their conditions. Many newbie bloggers don't look at AdSense policies and try to get AdSense but they forget that Google isn't fool, you've to make your blog AdSense ready

To get AdSense approved on your blog, follow this guide or trick and get ready to make money by Google AdSense. AdSense is not a child play, you have to work hard to get AdSense account. So without wasting time get on the main topic. Below are some great tricks to approve Google AdSense on your blog or website. An easy way to approve AdSense:


1. Creating YouTube Channel

You can get approved AdSense account by creating a channel on YouTube. But by this way, you'll get Hosted account which is not that good as Hosted account is. So if you are frustrated from getting AdSense disapproved, again and again, you can use this AdSense approval Trick. Follow below steps:

Step 1. Create a fresh YouTube channel 

Step 2. Upload some unique videos to your channel (Interesting and created by you)

Step 3. Share videos and get some organic views, likes, and subscribers ( More subs, views, likes = More chances to get approved)

Step 4. Now Apply for Google AdSense by navigating to Channel - Monetization - Click on Enable

Step 5. Here you have to click on Start button and then click on Next & it'll take you to the new page where it'll ask you to either sign in using your current Gmail account or create a new one.

Step 6. Now sign-in using your current Gmail account and follow the further process of creating Google AdSense account (It'll ask some personal and required details such as Name, Address etc.)

Step 7. After that, you'll get an email regarding your AdSense account, and in that email, you'll found that your request to create an AdSense account is received and is being reviewed.

They will take 24-48 hrs to review your request and then you'll get an another email from Google, in which you'll get the approval status of your Google AdSense Account. Mostly hosted account get approved all the time. So, don't worry and get ready to earn some cash from Google by showing ads on your YouTube videos.

Note: - There is a condition for creating an AdSense account for YouTube channel, and that is, you must have at least 10k views on your channel to apply for AdSense.


2. Creating Blog or Website

In this method, you have to create a free blog or website. You can use Blogger or Wordpress for this purpose as they are free for everyone. But I'll prefer buying a custom domain because custom domain gives you more reliability and uniqueness. AdSense gives more value to those who have a custom domain and quality contents. So always make sure that you have a custom domain and unique and quality contents. Follow below-explained steps to get approved by Google AdSense:

  1. First of all, create a free blog at Blogger or Wordpress 
  2. Then buy a custom domain from any of domain providers out there 
  3. Now apply that custom domain to your blog 
  4. After that apply a simple and attractive theme on your website (there are lots of free themes available on the internet) 
  5. Now create some unique and quality articles on your blog, articles should be minimum of 500 words each. ( NO copied or spun articles) 
  6. Use some on-page SEO techniques and make your articles SEO optimized to get some organic traffic to your website (more organic traffic = more chances of approval) 
  7. Share your blog on social sites (such as FB, Twitter, Reddit, Google Plus etc.) to get some social signals which will boost your visibility in search engines.
  8. Now apply for Google AdSense and follow the sign-up process. (proved your name, address, site etc.)
  9. Now after signing up for AdSense account, they will give you limited access to your AdSense account and then you have to create an ad code and then apply this code on your website. 
  10. Now they'll take some time to analyze the quality of your website and traffic and then reply back with the approval status. 

Note: - Focus on UX of your website ( i.e easy to navigate, provide all necessary details on your website etc.) and content quality.

Hopefully, they will approve your Google AdSense account if have followed all the above-explained steps. It's not that hard to get approval from Google AdSense, just read their TOS & policies and write quality contents, focus on SEO and get visibility on search engines.

And bingo!! you'll get an approval email from Google AdSense in few days. :)

 In my case, I got approval email in just 6 hrs. I had only 5 articles on my blog and normal theme & some organic traffic. So do your best and hope for positive results. :)


So, guys, these were two different ways or tricks to get Google AdSense Account approved, use this knowledge and do your best. Using these tweaks you'll surely get approval from AdSense. Many of my friends were asking me to write this article so, this is for you guys. AdSense approval trick which helps you to get approved by Google AdSense and earn some money from internet. Work smart & Earn huge. ;)

Best PPD Sites Without Survey - Highest Paying

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Best PPD Sites Without Survey

Top 5 Best PPD Sites (Pay Per Download) Without Survey - Earn Money By Uploading Files

Best PPD Sites - PPD stands for Pay Per Download. The full form says itself everything about PPD sites. There are two types of PPD sites i.) PPD sites without survey and ii.) PPD sites with survey. So in this article I'll provide you the list of top 5 Best High Paying PPD Sites. These sites are those who offer users unlimited cloud storage to upload files. You can make huge money by uploading your files at PPD site and sharing links on the internet. In this article we will be talking 5 Best PPD Sites among all of them. There are many PPD sites are on the internet but few are best and pay on time. It's a great way to earn money online by just uploading files and sharing them on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
There are many fake PPD sites which are totally spam and don't pay at all. They just make fool of users and when it comes to pay earning to users they simple use some useless excuses and ban user. So if you are tired from these spam sites, here is the list of top 5 best ppd site or networks which are personally tested by me and are reliable. Before jumping to the main topic let explain few things about PPD sites.

Which PPD Site is Best And Why ? 

Don’t let anyone yell at you because you are spending time before internet because you can also earn money online. It don’t need much time to earn as there are Best PPD sites without survey, PPD which is Pay Per Download will pay you money if someone download a file you have uploaded on their site. Not everyone will like to fill a survey if they are irrelevant it will show impact on your blog/website where you visitors will be irritated. So we will provide you those sites without surveys.
You can just Earn money by uploading files, you can just upload them in PPD sites thereafter copy the link and share on Facebook, Twitter and all your social networking sites. The thing is whether those sites are safe or not as they are many sites which contain spam content and not trusted sites. The more downloads you get the more you can earn, so it depends on your promoting skills.

What is PPD site ?

As I already told PPD stands for Pay Per Download, means you'll get paid for every single download of your file. This a great and widely used way to make money by uploading files. If you own a website or blog for sharing latest android apps, serials, premium files etc. Then this is a great way for you to generate some extra money from your visitors. In PPD sites you just have to upload your files and share their links on your blog or site. Enjoy this list of top best ppd sites to earn money by uploading files.

How much can I earn from PPD sites ?

It depends upon which PPD network you use and from which country you get downloads. Payout rates are vary site to site. But generally you can make upto 22$ per 1000 download of your files. Earning also depends upon countries, there few high paying countries which are USA, UK, Canada, Australia. These countries have high paying rates. So this is how you can earn real money by using these 5 Best PPD Sites.
So now heading to the main topic. Below is the list of top 5 Best PPD Sites which have high paying rates and pay on time.

List of 5 Best Pay Per Download Sites Without Survey

1. Userscloud

Userscloud is one of the best ppd site on the web. They guys are old in this field and reliable to their users. Usercloud is the best free online file hosting site which offers unlimited storage to upload your files and get paid whenever someone download them. If you are a newbie and want to earn some cash as everyone want, then this site is best option for you. Even if you don't have a website you can use this site. Just upload your files, share them on social sites and get ready to be paid for each download. -By this site you can earn up to $15 for 1000 downloads and again it will depend on the country
-Files those are protected with password are not allowed.
-The file which you upload should be at least 1KB as it will not count as a download if you upload a file which is less than 1KB.
-This site also provides affiliate marketing where if an user gets registered from the link posted by you then you will get 10%as a referral bonus.
-If you sell their premium account for which you will get a reward of 70% of purchase premium account and 70% rebills.
-You can get the money if you gain at least $5 which is its minimum payout, payment will be via PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Wire Transfer ….
-Payment will be on daily basis based on your minimum payout.
Below are the main features of this PPD site:
  • Unlimited storage
  • No limit
  • File never delete (except DMCA files)
  • Free for everyone
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive user interface
  • Fast to load
  • Unlimited download speed
  • High paying rates
  • Pay on time

Payout options:
  • Payout rate - Upto $15 per 1000 downloads
  • Payment time - 24hrs for new users and 30days for old ones (Weekly under $25)
  • Referral program - 10% of your referee earnings
  • Minimum payout - $5
  • Payment methods - Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Paypal, Payoneer, Payza, Webmoney, Wire Transfer, Amazon Gift Card

2. Uploads.to

Uploads.to is also great online free file hosting (PPD) site which provides safe and secure file sharing service to it's users. You can Upload and share your file on blogs/sites/forums/social media to get downloads and earn money from it. You can upload as big file as you want at this great ppd site without any limitation. They have better payout rates then other file hosting sites in this field. You
can also earn commission by referring your friends.
-Files with password and image protection are not allowed.
-For 1000 downloads you can earn $17 if your file size is between 25MB to 1GB and if your file size is between 100KB to 25KB then you can earn $12.
-Files which are more than 100KB are only considered as a download.
-Your files will be deleted if you don’t get any views/downloads in a month.
-If a new user gets registered through the affiliate link then you will get 10% as referral earning.
-Minimum Payout is $10 and you can withdraw via WebMoney, Payza, Bank Transfer (INDIA) and PayPal.
-Once you request for payment then it will take 7days. Below are the main features of this ppd site:
Below are the main file hosting features of this best ppd network:
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free file hosting service
  • FTP upload files
  • Highest payout rates
  • Safe and secure file sharing service
  • No file size limit
  • No file expiration limit
  • Fast download speed
  • Free for everyone
  • 24/7 payout time

Payout options:
  • Payout rate - Upto $22 per 1000 downloads
  • Payment time - 24hrs after request
  • Referral program - 10% of your referee earnings
  • Minimum payout - $10
  • Payment methods - BitcoinPaypal, Payoneer, Payza, Webmoney, Skrill

3. UploadOcean

UploadOcean is also high paying PPD site among all others. They have less experience in this field but they offers more features and high payout rates to their users. They provide free unlimited file hosting service with highly secure and high performance servers. Download speed is great. User interface is also great. So I'd say this is also a great and Best PPD Site to earn money by uploading files. Below are some main features of this pay per download site:
  • Unlimited storage
  • Limitless file sharing service
  • Safe and Secure service
  • High performance servers
  • Fast download and upload speed
  • Free Service
  • Easy to use
  • High payout rates
  • Reliable and pays on time
  • SSL protected servers
  • SSD powered

Payout options:
  • Payout rate - Upto $22 per 1000 downloads
  • Payment time - 24hrs after request
  • Referral program - 10% of your referee earnings
  • Minimum payout - $10
  • Payment methods - Paypal, BitCoins, Payza, Neteller, ZebPay, Paytm Cash, Mobikwik Money, Freecharge Money, Oxigen Wallet, Transfer Wise, Pockets, Bank Transfer (INDIA)

4. Upload.so

Upload.so is a free online unlimited file hosting site which gives you capability to upload unlimited files on their cloud servers. They provide unlimited storage on high performance SSD powered servers which are safe and secure. Just upload your files get the links share with the world and get paid for each download. This is a great PPD site to earn real money online by uploading files.
  • Free service
  • Unlimited storage
  • Safe and secure cloud storage
  • SSD powered high performance servers
  • Fast download and upload speed
  • User friendly UI
  • High payout rates
  • Fast payout
  • SSL protected Servers
  • FTP Upload files

Payout options:
  • Payout rate - Upto $20 per 1000 downloads
  • Payment time - 24hrs after request
  • Referral program - 10% of your referee earnings
  • Minimum payout - $10
  • Payment methods - Paypal, Payoneer($50Minimum), Payza

5. DailyUploads

-Upload those files which are of 1MB and not less than that. It won’t consider the download if your file is less than 1MB.
-For 1000 downloads you can earn $16 where it depends on the downloader country means the country from which someone downloads your file.
-If a new person registers from your affiliate link then you will get 10% of their lifetime earnings which is recurring.
-Minimum payout is $25 which is high compared to other sites, means you should earn $25 if you want to withdraw your money.
-Once you request for payment then it takes minimum 7 days.
  • Free cloud storage
  • High performance SSL protected servers
  • SSD powered hosting
  • FTP upload
  • Unlimited space
  • High security
  • Easy to use
  • Fast download and upload speed
  • Free for everyone


Payout options:
  • Payout rate - Upto $16per 1000 downloads
  • Payment time - 7days after request
  • Referral program - 10% of your referee earnings
  • Minimum payout - $25
  • Payment methods - Paypal, Payoneer

Final words:

These are the Best PPD Sites Without Survey to earn money online by uploading files. You can use any site from above provided list and start making money from now. These sites are the best among all PPD sites on the internet, so after reading this article you won't need to search further on Google.. They are trustworthy, safe, secure and personally tested by me. There are many PPD sites on the web but all of those are not secure and reliable so I've provided this list of top 5 best ppd site (Pay Per Download) to get started with. So enjoy earning by uploading files on these top PPD sites without survey.

10 Best Hacking Operating Systems For Hackers

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Hackers Operating Systems For Hacking & Pentesting

Best Hackers Operating Systems For Hacking And Penetration Testing

So, In this post I come up with an awesome article in which we will be talking about best Hackers Operating Systems which are mainly developed for penetration testing and hacking purposes.

In this list of Hackers Operating Systems, I added all those Operating Systems ( OS ) which are usually used for hacking purpose by the hackers. As we all know Kali Linux is the top and most widely used Operating System for Hacking and Penetration Testing purpose.

So along with Kali Linux I added some other OS which are also made for the same purpose. In these 10 Best Hacking Operating Systems, all tools of hacking are inbuilt and completely free to use. So without loosing priceless time let's come on the main topic.

Below is the list of best Hacking Operating Systems for Hackers:-

What's the best Hacking OS?

There are many OS in the world at present, but in this list I'll mention best Linux based OS which are being used for Hacking and Penetration Testing purpose.

As we know that Linux is secure and fastest then any other OS. So all hackers prefer to use Linux based OS. Below is the list of 10 Best Hacking Operating System which are used for hacking purpose by hackers.

List of Top 10 Best Hacking Operating Systems (Linux Based)

1. Kali Linux ( Best hacking OS )

Kali Linux is the rebirth of BackTrack which was created by Offensive Security team. Kali Linux is the best and most used Operating System for Hacking and Penetration Testing.

It is most versatile and advanced penetration testing distro. All the tools in Kali Linux are free and it updates these tools and it is available for all different platforms like VMware, ARM, Virtual Box etc.


2. Cyborg Hawk OS For Hackers

Cyborg Hawk Linux is a Ubuntu based Penetration Testing Distro which is created by the team of Ztrela Knowledge Solutions. It is very powerful yet beautiful Hacking OS with ultimate collection of tools for Ethical Hacking and Pentesters.

It is called as world's most powerful and advanced Penetration testing distro for Hackers and Cyber Security Experts. Many people say it is better than Kali Linux but in my opinion Kali is more attractive. It has around 700 Hacking tools pre-configured in it. 


3. Back Box Hacking OS

BackBox is also one of the best hacking OS which is based on Ubuntu. Mainly developed for penetration testing and security assessments. It is designed for fast, easy to use and complete desktop environment as it is lightweight OS and not requires much hardware specifications.

It has it's own software repositories which is always being updated to the latest version of all the most used ethical hacking & penetration testing tools. 

4. Samurai Web Security Framework

The Samurai Web Testing Framework is also good penetration testing linux distro. It comes with pre-configured Web penetration testing tools which makes it good.

As it is live linux distro, it is very easy to clear all hacking tracks. This is best for Web Penetration Testers. It is available as VMware image as well as ISO image.



DEFT is another good Penetration testing and hacking OS which is developed by DEFT Association. They provide a powerful and reliable Penetration Testing distribution of linux.

DEFT Association is an non-profit association. It is available to download as ISO and VMware image at their official website.


6. BlackArch Linux

BlackArch Linux is an Arch-Linux based distribution for Hackers and Penetration Testers or Security Researchers. BlackArch Linux is a lightweight expansion to Arch Linux for penetration testers. 

It gives full penetration testing environment with more then 1200 free and open source hacking tools. It is a penetration testing linux distribution for Hackers and Penetration Testers. BlackArch is also compatible with exiting/normal Arch Linux installation.


7. Parrot-sec Forensic OS

Parrot Security OS is another best Hacking Operating Sytem which is cloud friendly OS. It provides tools for Pentesting, Reverse Engineering, Hacking, Computer Forensic, Cloud Pentesting, Privacy/Anonymity and Cryptography.

It is based on Debian and is developed by Frozenbox Network. Parrot Security OS is available in 32-Bit for Intel and 64-Bit for AMD processors.


8. Nodezero

Nodezero is the best and handy OS along with all Pentesting Tools collection. They thinks that Live CD is not suitable for those whoc does Pentesting on regular basis, but they provide Live CD for their distro.
Nodezero is based on Ubuntu distribution of linux and is very reliable and stable hacking OS.


9. Bugtraq

Bugtraq hacking OS is avalable in Debian, Ubuntu and OpenSuSe in both 32 & 64 bit architectures.

It provides most used tools for Penetesting and Hacking which are all stable and reliable. Bugtraq is stable with automated services manager in real time.


10. Pentoo

Pentoo OS is a security-focused Linux distro which is based on Gentoo. It is very useful hacking operating system with lots of customization. It comes with lots of features listed below:
  • Backported WiFi stack from latest stable kernel release
  • Hardened Kernel with aufs patches
  • Changes saving on usb stick
  • Module loading support ala slax
  • XFCE4 wm
  • Cuda/OPENCL cracking support with development tools
  • System updates 

Download Links

Kali Linux 2.0
Cyborg Hawk v1.1
Back Box
Samurai Web Security Framework
BlackArch Linux
Parrot-sec Forensic OS

Final words:

Above list of 10 Best Hacking Operating Systems is for Hackers, Pentesters and Security experts. These Hackers OS are pre-configured with lots of free hacking and penetration testing tools.

You can use any of above mentioned Hacking OS and start your journey of Ethical Hacking. I hope you liked the list of Best Hackers Operating System (OS) for Hacking and Pentesting.