How To Set Up Custom Domain For Blogger

How to Set Up custom domain for blogger

Set Up Custom Domain For Your Blogger Blog

In this post I will explain "How to set up custom domain name for your blog". I will provide you very easy guide that will be very useful for you and it will work surely. I will teach you step by step  how to set up custom domain name for your blog on in easy way. For Eg. your blogger domain name is and you have to redirect to, then you have to buy a custom domain name from domain name provider and apply your new purchased custom domain on your blog. Custom domain is good to improve your blog's Reputation, SEO, Ranking  etc.

What Is Custom Domain ?

Firstly we must understand what actually custom domain is. Custom domain are likes .com(Commercial) , .org (organisation), .edu (educational) etc. are the types of first level domains.

Eg.   (First level domain)      (Secondary level domain)

What Is The Need Of Custom Domain ?

When you apply custom domain for your blog, then your users  can easily remind domain. Blogger provides you  that will not easy to kept in mind. Then it will reduces our users. The best option for this is Custom domains. And custom domains also improve SEO of your Blog / Site. Now we will see step by step guide to setup custom domain.

Follow The Below Steps Carefully To Set Up Custom Domain For Your Blog

  • You have to buy custom domains from websites like Godaddy, Bigrock etc.
  • Suppose you are buying domain on
  • Firstly login your blog
  • Enter username and password.
  • Go in Settings > Basics option. See below screenshot

  • Now look at the publishing section, your blog name will be appear then click on setup third party url for your blog link. Now enter your custom domain name like see below screenshot to understand.

  •  After entering the url you will get warning we have not able to verify your authority to this domain  
  •   Now you will get Name, Label or Host and Destination, Target or Points To Fields. You can see above in Screen shot. For eg. www is your host and is yuor points to  field.
  •   Now open another tab in your browser and go to your domain provider website like and enter your login details.
  •  Now login into your Godaddy account and click on My Account tab.

  • Now you have to go on Domain Manager.

  •  In the domain manager page you will see option DNS MANAGER. You have to click on DNS MANAGER.
  •  Note that in DNS MANAGER you have to enter A(Host) and Cname.
  •   Now click on A(Host) tab you have to enter this 4 ip addresses one by one using add button.
  •  After you done adding records click on save button to save your records.

  • Now you have to enter your Cnames (alias). You Cname alias are www see below screenshot. Now you have to enter your Host and Points to Fields that's it. After adding records click on save.

  •  Now open your blog and enter url then click on save button.
 You have done, now you have to wait for few hours to get effects in your ip records. Just relax and seat back. After few hours you will see that your blog address is redirected to your new custom domain. :) 

Note -  If you don't write your host www and points to then if  users not type www in url field, then your site will not appear to them. So follow above steps carefully and setup your custom domain name.
It may take upto 72 hours to take effects in your ip records. I will suggest to you buy a domain name on

What you think right now it is easy to set up custom domain for your blog. This guide was for those people who have blog on blogger and want to apply custom domain on it. So follow the above mentioned steps carefully and enjoy your new domain on your blog. Show your love in comments. :) And share this page on Facebook and other social sites.


  1. How To Set Up Custom Domain For Blogger

    1. Hello Syed Arshad,

      Follow mentioned steps in post to Set Up Custom Domain for Blogger. :)

  2. Awesome post sir. This post is really very helpfull for new bloggers. You made it really easy to understand. Now we can set up our custom domain in blogger in just 5 minutes.
    Thank you.... 😀

    1. Hello Hemant,

      Thanks for appreciation. I'm glad to hear that it helped you to set up custom domain to your blog. :)