8 Best WiFi Hacker Apps To Hack WiFi Password Without Root

Best WiFi Hacker Apps Without Root

Best WiFi Hacker Apps To Hack WiFi Password Without Root

Hello there! Every one of you has once tried to hack a Wi-Fi connection of your friend or neighbors. Because data plan rate is so high that you cannot download movies using your data plan and also cannot watch high HD videos on YouTube. So we are just limited to surfing the internet and nothing more than that. So, in this article we will be sharing a list of top best WiFi hacker Apps to hack WiFi password without root.

But let me tell you now we have  number of application available in the Google play store which you can download once and enjoy the unlimited free internet. Although we know that we can hack a Wi-Fi password using different software and coding but a non-technical person cannot do all those things. To overcome that limit we need some WiFi hacker APK to get the password of protected WiFi network.

So to make your work easy, we have found some of the android application which you can install on our android phones and after a single click, your neighbor’s WiFi will be hacked and you can enjoy the service.

Before checking out the best WiFi hacker app which you can install, you need to fulfill some requirements so that you cannot face problem in future:
  1. You should have an Android phone version at least 4.0.
  2. Your phone should catch good quality signal of Wi-Fi so that password of a Wi-Fi can be cracked easily without taking so much of time.
So, now you have fulfilled all the above-mentioned requirements. Go through the short description of all the below-mentioned applications and choose whatever application you like.

1. WPS Connect

It is one of the best Wi-Fi hacking application for android and it works only with rooted android phones. With WPS connect, we can disables other user internet connection and hack any WPS secured Wi-Fi password. Also, it works with any routers easily.

So, just download the WPS connect application for android and install it on your android phone and after that connect to the Wi-Fi that you would like to hack. One of the disadvantages of this application that it works with only rooted Android phone and also it hacks only WPS secured Wi-Fi Connection.

Get It From Here

2. Wi-Fi Kill

wifi-hack-apkIt is also one of the best WiFi hacker Apps which enables you to enjoy the full bandwidth of the Wi-Fi Connection. Using this application, it disables the internet connection of other users and allows you to utilize the full speed of Wi-Fi Alone.

Apart from that, it also gives traffic information of devices connected to the same network and shows internet usage of all the devices connected to the same network. This android application works with android version of 4.0+.
Here I have mentioned the link where you can download the WiFi hack APK file of this application and install it on your android phone and start using it.

WiFi Kill APK

3. Arpspoof

This is one of the best applications which is used for network auditing which is written by Dug Song as a part of the dsniff package. This application increases the traffic on the local network by fake ARP replies and sending them to a specific device or all the host present in the local area network.

Apart from that it also give access to information about the Wi-Fi network, this application only works with rooted android phone which is one of the disadvantages of this application. Also it send fake ARP replies which can take some time in WiFi hacking. Why don’t you try this application?

ArpSpoof WiFi Hack ApK

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4. Wi-Fi You

It is one of the powerful application which collects millions Wi-Fi passwords and store in a cloud so that when a user connects to a Wi-Fi, it searches its database for the key so that it can be connected to a WiFi. So it is also a great WiFi Hacking App which you can use to connect WiFi without password.
Though it doesn’t try to hack a Wi-Fi connection but this application is very much liked by the users because it also tells the hotspots around you and also tries to get the password so that you can enjoy the Wi-Fi. Just download the application from play store and start searching for a network for a free Wi-Fi.

Download WiFi You WiFi Hacker App

5. Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester

This is one of the best WiFi hacker apps for Android, which helps to crack the WPS secured Wi-Fi and WPA secured Wi-Fi. Using this application, you can connect to some of the routers who have some vulnerabilities and attack them.
This application works with only android phones who are rooted and it doesn’t work with any non-rooted android phone. Also, when the application is opened it uses some algorithms like Zhao, TrendNet and Dlink for calculating the PIN for cracking a Wi-Fi connection.

Get WPA WPS Tester

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6. Nmap for Android

Nmap is one of the top android WiFi password hacking applications, which is also called network mapper and one of the features that makes this application better for every other application is that it works for both rooted as well as non-rooted phones.

It is basically used by professionals for network exploration and also scan the network for system details and port number. However, if your android phone is rooted you can explore more features. So why don’t you download this application and use it?

Get Nmap Here

7. AndroDumpper

It is one of the newest application that has come in the google play store. It also used for accessing the Wi-Fi connection and also it pushes a notification whenever there is a Wi-Fi connection In the reach of this application and try to crack the password using its method.

For making the user to easily use the application they have also provided a small guide for the users which tell the steps to hack WiFi password APK.

Get AndroDumper WiFi Hacker APK

8. Wi-Fi Inspect

This application is an audit tool which is used for security and also it helps to crack the password of a Wi-Fi. Though hacking is illegal, this application was not made for hacking purposes, it was made for the professionals who want to know about  Wi-Fi connection details and security purposes.

One of the disadvantages of this application is that it can only work in the rooted phone not in non-rooted android phones. Apart from that this application has a number of features like vulnerability scan, Port scan, Network Sniffer, UPnp Device Scanner, host vulnerability scan and much more. So, use this great WiFi hacker app and use free Wi-Fi.

Get It On Play Store

How to use a Wi-Fi hacking Application?

Here we are going to take the example of the AndroDumpper Crack application and you can follow these steps for every application.
  1. First of all download the application from the given link.
  2. After installing, it will ask for root permission and press Ok or click on 'No Root'.
  3. After that, it will show the Wi-Fi connection near to you. Click on the connection that you want to crack.
  4. Click on connect and after that click on the custom pin.
  5. It will take few seconds and then you can copy the password of that Wi-Fi connection and use it.

So, these were the best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android to get the password of any WiFi network near your location. Use any of these WiFi Hacker Apps and crack password of any WiFi. All these WiFi hacker apk are tested by us and working fine. If you need to hack WiFi password without root access then this article is for you. In this list most of the apps are working even without root access. So use these apps and enjoy free WiFi without paying even a single penny and that too at high speed. :) If you liked my work then please Share this post and leave a comment of your query.


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