Davita Village Login Guide & Benefits In Details

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Guide to DaVita Village Web Login & DaVita Account Benefits

Today we will be sharing the complete and detailed login Davita Village Web portal procedure that will enable you to enter into your Davita Village account and enter into your dashboard.
With the www.davita.com account, it is possible for you to access your account using the DaVita Village Web Login where tracking diet using the DaVita Diet Helper are provided. With this DaVita Village web login account, you will get full access to pre-planned and penalized. This will make it possible for you to create a shopping list and you can also compare all the food deals directly through your tablets and Smartphone’s by use of “DaVita Village Web Login”.

It is now possible for one to track their daily fluid intake together with Geeknism and Davita Village do have a straight aim that they are ready to offer a healthy lifestyle  to all the DaVita Village users.
Before we get into the Davita Village Web Account login process, it is important that we first understand about this service.

What is Davita Village?

DaVita Inc. is considered to be among the largest kidney care services found in the US. Its corporate headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado. Their offerings consist of renal diet assistance, chronic kidney disease education, vascular access, in-center hemodialysis, home hemodialysis and in-center nocturnal dialysis.

Between 2012 and 2015, they paid a total of $1 Billion U.S. dollars without any whistle blower lawsuits or wrong doing. Back in 1999, Davita which was referred to as the Total Renal Care, which was a dialysis company was on the brink of bankruptcy.

The company realized lots of successes reaching out to over 230 on the 500 fortune back in 2014. DaVita does own the Gambro’s US based clinics.  After owning the Gambro, they did merge together and doubled their DaVita outpatient facilities and together they have assembled over 664 clinics together with the Healthcare which were 565.  DaVita is known to operate and comes with great administrative services at more than 2,300 dialysis facilities and has employed more than 41,000 users domestically.

DaVita Village Login

In case you already have a DaVita Village Web Login account, it is possible for you to get some scholarships and it is also possible for you to get  legal insurance, retirement plan, disability insurance, medical benefits and much more when using your DaVita Village account on the www davita com.

For years, DaVita has been evolving and has managed to grow their services over the years by coming up with the best clinics for their patients. Back in December 2013, DaVita villages used to operate in 11 nations outside the United States and they did hire more than 400 employees. It is possible to get DaVita clinics around the world in top counties like India, Netherlands, Germany, Colombia, China, Taiwan, etc.

DaVita Village Web Login Guide

In case you are experiencing trouble accessing your DaVita Village Web Login, you do not have to worry much concerning it since we will be sharing the complete step by step guide that is easy to understand and follow and one can always enter their DaVita Village account without experiencing any problem.
All you have to do is follow the process below and you will be able to enter into you DaVita Village Account.
  •  You will have to first go to your browser and go into DaVita Village Web Portal official site using www.davita.com URL.
  •  After getting to the official page, click onto the sign in button located onto the left hand side of the sites main page.
  •  In that page, you will key in the email and password in the fields and press the sign in button.
  •  You are done with the DaVita Account log in and you can now access the DaVita village account.
  •  You have now entered into your account without any problem. However, if you are not in a position to enter your account or you have entered the credentials but still you cannot log in, it means that you might have entered the wrong username or password.
  •  In such a situation, you will have to recover your delta village account password. In this case, we have provided you with the password recovery process. Feel free to learn how you can recover your password.

DaVita Village Web Login Password Recovery

In case you do have an issue with accessing your DaVita Village web login due to the loss of your credentials or passwords, then you will have not to worry since we are going to provide you with an easy to follow guide that will enable you to recover your DaVita Village Web Login password.
  •  First, you will have to go to your browser and key in the official DaVita site on the davita.com
  •  You will now see the forgot password link located on the left side of the main page below the remember me tap on the link which will redirect you to the next page.
  •  After you have reached the page, you will be directed to key in the email address associated with the DaVita account.
  •  Thereafter, press the submit button, an email containing password will be sent to the registered email ID.
  •  You can now use the new password to enter your account and reset your password with ease.

DaVita Village Web Login Registration

In case you are new to using DaVita, you will be interested in having your own account. In order to own one, you will have to go to your browser and key in your DaVita site. Click on register to get the free link and fill in the form providing your real details and you will be issued with your own DaVita Village Account at a free cost.

Advantages of using DaVita Village Web Login

  1.  AD & D and Life insurance
  2.  Dental, National health and Vision Plan
  3.  Health saving packages
  4.  DaVita Children foundation will help you grow.
  5.  DaVita College Partners in college and education will offer their services.

MyAARPMedicare Login Guide & Plans Details

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Myaarpmedicare Login – AARP Medicare Plans

Have you just registered or opened your MyAARPMedicare account on the www.myaarpmedicare.com. If yes, you can easily access all the health records and information together with the benefits through myaarpmedicare login and you do have 24/7 without having any problem.

MyAARPMedicare Login

In case you have an aged person, you will enjoy lots of benefits together with some aarpmedicare concession plans at the same percent.  In case you do have your myaarpmedicare.com account, you will definitely experience any of the services which have been mentioned below:
  • Extra Protection
  • Medicare Supplements
  • MedicareRx
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Personal Health Insurance Plan
It is always possible for one to connect with their AARP Medicare account through www.myaarpmedicare.com official site access from the United Health Care Organization in order to benefit from all the amenities. 
The user will first have to register on the www myaarpmedicare com official website. In case you have not registered to the AARP Medicare Plans on the website, it should never be a big deal if you have to go through the easy and simple steps for the registration on the website.
Every detail on your information will be asked on the registration page including the AARP complete Medicare, hospitality, supplements, RX Plans information and much more and it also contains your personal insurance and health care plans.  In case  you do have an AARP Medicare plan on the website, you will be in a position of managing everything without getting lots of trouble.

What is MyAARPMedicare?

AARP refers to the senior supporting organization which is capable of supporting aged individuals who are over 45 years old. They do have a set mission which is to make all the old people have good health, strong, active and fulfilling in their lives. They do come in one’s life with a very clear vision that they will never be interested in having that old person stop living their lives since they are getting weak and old.
It is important that all of us should be aware with one fact that health needs to be our first priority and whenever you are growing older, serious health issues will start coming by and it is advisable that the older people take good care of their AARP and health which  will be doing the job  on your behalf. 

MyAARPMedicare Login Procedure

In case you are facing any issue you can always log in to the MyAARPMedicare on the www.aarpmedicare.com website and keenly follow the instructions that have been shared. We do assure that every member in this website that if they keenly follow the steps below, you will not experience any issue while logging in.
Here is a step by step procedure of the MyAARPMedicare Login:
·       First, you will have to visit the My AARP Medicare Portal official site by tapping here.
·       One you are on the website, the Login Form will appear.
·       The MyAARPMedicare Login form comprises of two main fields, there is one for the MyAARPMedicare Username and the other is for the password.
·       Thereafter, press the sign in button that is displayed below the text fields.
·       After you have provided your personal username and password, you will then log into the account with much ease.
·       In case you do have any issue with your MyAARPMedicare Username and password, then you will have to follow the procedure on how to get back your details like forgotten username and password. 

Forget Username or Password of MyAARPMedicare com:

Have you forgotten your password or username while signing into the account? No need to worry, you can easily follow the steps below in order to get back your username and a new password.
·       In case you do not have an official myaarpmedicare page, then you will have to navigate to the official page using the com.
·       You will then see the log in form displayed on the screen.
·       You will also see the forget username and password link which will be displayed just below the sign up.
·       Press the forget username and password link and you will be directed to a new page.
·       While on the new page, check on one of the checkboxes from the two whose information you are missing.
·       Thereafter tap on continue. 

Online My AARP Medicare Payment

In case you are interested in making your My AARP Medicare fee payment, you can always pay online than having to go to their store or office. All you have to do is follow the steps below and easily pay your bills.
·       First, you will have to log into your My AARP Medicare Dashboard via the United Medicare Plan to enable you track all your health record information and the benefits you earn.
·       You also have to follow the AARP members perk which is a cost effective plan to help you save your money.
·       Thereafter, navigate through the wellness and health menu that will help you in taking easy health care tips. There are several articles for you there. 

AARP Medicare Rewards

It is possible for one to access your online rewards via the AARP membership. However, all these services are worked on by the united healthcare amenities. The program will never use annual fee, so do not consider going for it.
·       This will be of great help to the aged individuals who are interested in getting free things as rewards.
·       Not all the young people will be interested in these offers especially those aged between 18-45 years.
·       The reward offers will be provided at 180,000 all over the US.
·       There are several of live auctions which can be done on points like the enter sweep takes.
·       A single members point can never be shared with more AARP Medicare members.
·       The points will never expire. Hence, you do not have to worry about the reward offers expiry dates. 

We do hope that you did find the article helpful especially on MyAARPMedicare  elements such as the MyAARPMedicare Login, the Forget username and password, the MyAARPMedicare Rewards , contact details and much more.  In case you do have any question, feel free to drop the queries in the comment section below and do not forget to share it with your friends.

Top 10 Best Google Gravity Tricks LATEST

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Best Google Gravity Tricks You Should Know

We all use Google, isn't it? But we know very little about Google search engine and its crazy tricks. So, today we will be talking about the best Google Gravity tricks you can try right now! Let's get started.

What Are Google Gravity Tricks?

Google Gravity tricks comprise of fantastic google look-alike pages which act crazy upon loading. Some of them fall, some fly away, some rotates randomly! Just perfect for pranking your friends and family.

Best Google Gravity Tricks You Should Try

Google zero gravity flat fall

In this Trick, the Google webpage seems like falling on your computer screen. All web elements like images, texts, buttons, etc. will become physical objects and will bounce all over the place! You definitely should give it a try. click here (http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-gravity/index.html)

Google Guitar

Do you like guitars? Well, even if you don't you will love this one! In this trick - Google will magically turn into a guitar. So you can play with guitar sounds while searching the web. Click here (http://elgoog.im/guitar/) to try it!

Google Sphere

This one is far my favorite!  In this trick, everything will revolve around your screen like a big giant ball! Seems fascinating, isn't it? Give it a try, and you will know! And the best part is- you can change direction and zoom in to guide where the elements flow. It's an excellent time killer, to be honest. check it out here ( http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-sphere/index.html)

Zerg Rush

Do you want to be surprised? If yes then google zerg rush might do the trick for you! With this method, all the zeroes from google will move randomly destroying other zeroes.If you wanna see this zerg chaos, just board over to google.com and search "zerg rush."

Google Underwater

Do you like water? I'm sure you do, after all, you're composed of 70% water. And just to be clear google also comes with a trick where you can search in an aquarium with few sharks and some scary fishes. Check it out here (http://elgoog.im/underwater/)

Do a barrel roll

Do you want to make the google search engine swrill around? Because in this trick, the google webpage will do a 360-degree spin. Just go over google.com and type "do a barrel roll" in the search box.

Google zero gravity inversion

This google trick will turn your webpage into a mirror image of original google web page. It will feel like you're on the computer screen. Try it out here (http://elgoog.im/gravity/)

Google space

You will definitely like this one. I mean who doesn't like zero gravity stuff! In this trick, google webpage will go into zero gravity mode giving you an illusion of space. Everything will be floating here and there. Give it a try here (http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-space/) And the best part is, you can hold and drag any element of the webpage to play with!

Google snake game

This will surely bring back Nokia games vibe in your head. You can enjoy the legendary snake game here, and the game sounds are also good. It will be an excellent time killer if your teacher is teaching boring history lessons! give it a try here ( http://elgoog.im/snake/)

Google Loco

This one is quite similar to google zero gravity but has a little twist in it. It will simulate the effect of falling in an earthquake. Enjoy this crazy experience here ( http://googleloco.net/)

Google Rainbow

If you want to try something colorful, then this trick comes to mind. As the name suggests, it will turn Google into random colors. Also, it will turn every landing web links into different colors. Check it out here (http://www.seetherainbow.com/)

Google Tilt

This one is similar to the "do a barrel roll" trick, but in this one, the webpage will tilt a little. You can easily prank your friends with this one. All you have to do is open google.com and search "tilt" and hit enter. Or you can directly go to this link (http://elgoog.im/tilt/)

Google Pacman

It sure brings back the Pacman game memories. You can play this game on google as well. The rules are pretty simple; you are the Pacman who needs to finish the ball by eating all the balls while saving yourself from other balls. Try it out here (http://elgoog.im/pacman/)

Google Terminal

If you're coder or love coding, then you will like this for sure! This trick brings back the vibe of MS-DOS operating systems. You can use it by clicking here (http://elgoog.im/terminal/)

Easter Egg Trick

I'm not sure why is called "Easter Egg Trick" when it's all about out all time favorite Super Mario Bros. In this trick, you will find a hidden spot where you will earn 200 coins if you click on it! There are rumors that if you click on it 100 times, it will give you the 1up sound. Wanna bust this rumor? All you have to do is search for "Super Mario Bros" on Google search.

Chuck Norris Google trick

Remember Chuck Norris? Well, Google still does! If you go to (http://www.nochucknorris.com/) , it will show up with one unexpected search result.

Google Bing Mirror

Do you know about Bing? Its a search engine just like google which shows beautiful images while you search. In this trick, Google will show up with a beautiful image as a background. And oh, I for-got, everything will be mirrored! Check it out here (https://gnib.org/)

Find your IP Location

You can check your geolocation data and IP address with this google trick. It will also show the lon-gitudinal and latitudinal data with a street address. Check it out here ( https://iploc.org/)

Weenie Google

It's another tiny trick where all the web elements of Google search engine will turn into small size. Its pretty fun to watch it like this. have a try here ( http://www.toosmalltouse.com/)

Number Of Horns On A Unicorn

Do you believe in unicorns? No? Well, Google does and if you search for "number of horns on a unicorn" then google will comes up with a unique way of expressing it.

Final words:
Have you tried every trick above? Tell us in comments if you liked them. Let us know if you en-countered any hiddle tricks while you searched with Google in comment box down below.

How To Bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) By Google - 100% Working

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Google Account Verification: Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection

Google verification is also called Factory Reset Protection (FRP) in Android. Google Factory reset protection is a safety protocol that was made available in all android devices that had android version above 5.0 or above android vanilla.

This security feature was included as a safety measure for your data and personal information stored in your phone. The Google factory reset protection is used in the case of any unfortunate event wherein you lose the device or if any unauthorized person tries to reset it, the device will require the Google Account ID and password to be fed in.

It’s basically used to curb the chances of any theft or misuse of your phone. It’s because of this feature that your phone unattractive of theft or anyone taking it and selling it off.  This feature is available on all phones, tablets or devices that have the android version 5.0 or higher.

But this security feature may also come to be a problem for many users. As it is very common for people to forget the ID or password of the Gmail account that is needed for Google account verification, or is signed up on the device.

In many cases as the owner has bought a second hand phone he/she is unaware of the signed up Google account that is needed for Google account verification. And most of the times after trying to reset their phone people become aware of this security protocol, making them frustrated and even causing them to panic.

Here we put forward a step by step guide of how to bypass Google Factory Reset Protection, without it being any risk for your phone’s data.

There are numerous ways to bypass Google FRP but these methods are being blocked day by day as Google is increasing its security by every passing day, with every new android update.

But we still recommend you try these methods as they have the most chances of working.

Bypass Google Account Verification on Android Devices

There are three methods of bypassing Google Factory Reset Protection, they are as follows

1.  Bypassing Google account via unlocking OEM

Step 1: When you see the factory reset protection page that is asking for the required Google account linked with the device; open keyboard and long press @

Step 2: A window will popup, tap “Google Keyboard Settings”


Step 3: There will be three dots (...) located in the upper right corner or just below it, tap on it and select “Help and Feedback”.

Step 4: Select a random item and long press to copy its text; you will see a web search item on the upper right.

Step5: Click on the item and in the search bar type “Settings”; this will make you the settings app on the phone.

Step 6: Go to “Developer Options”; at times it may not appear so just press “Build Number” 7 times, this will make you pull out “Developer Options” and in turn allow  “OEM Unlocking”.


Step 7: Long press the power button to reboot the phone. When the phone is rebooted instead of seeing the Google FRP page you’ll see “Add account” page. Add a Google account and you can now enter your device.


**Be sure to note down the Email ID and password of this account so it doesn’t cause you any inconvenience in the coming future.

2.  Bypassing Google Verification via Reset

Step 1:  When you reach the Google verification account page, return to Select WLAN(WiFi) Network page and add a new network. (It can be any network).


Step 2:  Type a line of random characters on the Network SSID tab. Long press the characters and choose Share. (The option will appear on its own).

Step 3:  A pop-up page will appear on the screen. On the pop-up page, long press the Gmail icon and it will show Gmail's App info.

Step 4: Choose Notification and then tap on App Settings.

Step 5: Tap the three dots icon; a sub-block will appear you shall then the option “choose Manage Account”. You will see a notification come down below.

Step 6: Tap Continue, to enter Settings.

Step 7: In Settings, choose Backup & Reset and then Factory data reset. After the completion of reset, Google account will be removed from the phone.


**You can then access your phone or add a new account. Be sure to note down the Email ID and password of this account so it doesn’t cause you any inconvenience in the coming future. 

3. Factory Reset Protection Bypass APK to Bypass Google Account Lock (via OTG)

If none of the above methods worked for then, this method maybe helpful. As it takes help of an APK or an app to bypass Google FRP. APK are basically tools that can help you bypass Google FRP, and many of these tools are developed to bypass Google accounts on devices such as Samsung, LG, Nexus, HTC, etc.

These tools or apps help you remove the Google accounts with ease. Just follow the steps accordingly. For this method you will require an OTG cable, that is easily available in electronic shops or you can order online. You will also require a USB (pen drive).

This method is the most used method.

OTG cable

 Step 1: Choose a bypass app such as FRP Bypass APK, Pangu FRP Bypass APK etc, not all these apps are free. Choose according to your will or take in consideration of their ratings and reviews.

Step 2: Download the app on a USB device (pen drive)

Step 3: Connect your phone to the OTG cable along with the other side of the OTG cable connected to the USB

Step 4: Go to the file manager and install the APK app.

Step 5: After installing the FRP bypass app, you can get access to phone settings and erase        everything, including Google account on the phone.

Step 6: Find Backup and Reset.

Step 7: Tap Factory Reset Data or Reset Device. All the data in your phone will be erased.

**If you don’t possess an OTG cable you can use the FRP bypass tool with the help of a PC.

Final words:

That is all folks. Hope this was of great help for all of you to bypass FRP in your Android device. These were some latest and working methods to bypass factory reset protection in all Android phones in a easy way. If you think there is any other way to bypass FRP protection, please do let us know. Tell us know which method you liked the most by droping a comment below. :)

Factory Reset Protection FRP Bypass APK Latest

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Factory Reset Protection Bypass APK

Google initiated a step to include a safety protocol feature termed as Google Factory Reset Protection. This security feature was added to the devices which had Android version above android (5.0). This feature was added as a safety measure so that it would protect your phone’s data in case of theft or if lost.

When you perform a reset on your device, all the device data including settings are erased. If you have a Google account linked to your phone, this means FRP is active; FRP gets activated as soon as you sign up for a Google account on your device. And you can easily bypass FRP using the latest version of FRP bypass APK.

frp-bypass-apk latest-version

So, you will have to log in with your Google account credentials, mainly the username and password, to unlock and use your phone. This helps very much when the device was stolen and someone tries to resets it in order for it to behave like a completely new device.

Google factory reset protection requires the verification of the Google account linked to the device once you have formatted the phone or require formatting it. This comes at a disadvantage as many users tend to forget the password of the linked Gmail account on their device. This, in turn, made the device useless or inaccessible for them.

Since then many methods have been developed to bypass Google factory reset protection.

  •  Bypass Google factory reset protection via OTG cable.
  •  Bypass Google factory reset protection via Pc.
  •  Bypass Google factory reset protection with the help of APK.

In this guide we will be focusing on the third method; Bypass Google factory reset protection with the help of APK. The other two methods have also been updated by us, go check them out too.

All these methods are based on FRP bypass APK file that helps you to get into phone Settings and Wipe and Erase your phone data including the Google account linked to the phone.

And if you’re reading this guide then you must have been locked out of your phone and require the assistance of an FRP bypass APK, that have been developed by Android developers. No need to worry as these methods are tired and tested.

Let’s start now, first download the given app below.
  •  File Name     : FRP Bypass
  •  File Size        : 83.08 KB
  •  File Type       : application/vnd.android.package-archive
  •  File extension: APK 
  •  An app named “Development Settings”.

You’re also going to require the following things in order to bypass Google factory reset protection easily:

  •  A PC, on which you can download the files that are required by you. The PC must also be able to support the software required for this bypass.
  •  In case you don’t possess a PC, an OTG cable will do the work.
  •  Access to a fast Wi-Fi network for smooth processing and to be able to download the files on your phone.
  •  Make sure you don’t run the recent version of Android, downgrade if possible.
**This method is mostly preferable for Samsung devices.

Follow the given steps below to bypass Google FRP:

  1.  Download the Bypass app either on your PC or on your USB.
  2.  Turn on your phone; you will then complete the first few steps. After which the Google accounts window will appear on your screen as given below.
  3.  It will ask you to verify your account; which you aren’t able to. That’s where we step in.
  4.  Now, connect the pen drive via the OTG Cable to your phone or connect your phone to your PC via a cable.  
  5.  As soon as you connect it, your device will open the file explorer and show the contents of the drive. Select the FRP Bypass APK file. It will show you a warning message blocking the installation of the app because of its third-party nature (It’s just a warning, ignore it).
  6.  As it is a third party application your phone won’t accept it. Hence you have to go to “settings” and then turn on “Unknown Sources” option.
  7.  Now the FRP bypass APK will be installed with ease, without any interruptions. Tap on “open” and the app, in turn, will take you to the “Settings Menu”.
  8.  Scroll down and you’ll find “backup and reset”, tap on that.
  9.  Now search for “Factory reset”, and tap on that.
  10.  Your phone will get formatted. All its data will be erased, along with the Google account that is linked to the device.
  11.  After this, restart your phone. You’ll find that your phone has been reset but this time with no Google account in its memory.
  12.  After turning on your phone, a page will appear asking you to add a Google account; add an account according to your choice (be sure to note down the username and password for future preferences).
  13.  This is one of the ways, by which you can bypass Google Factory Reset Protection with ease.

Downgrade Android: 
For many people, the bypass method doesn’t work properly or doesn’t work at all. The reason is that Google released factory reset protection after the Android version (5.0). And Android developers kept on increasing the security day by day as Google and Android had both become the very concern with safety. Making the safety of the user's data as their first priority.

For the people facing the problem with FRP bypass APK, it must be because your android version either must be higher than 5.0 or up-to-date. Bypassing will especially be a problem for those who have an android version 6.0 or higher. To remove this problem it is recommended that you downgrade your android version to a lower version. This will make the bypassing easier and more efficient.

We hope this guide has been helpful for you and helped you achieve whatever you wanted to. I hope now you're able to bypass Factory Reset Protection on your Android device. But let this also be noted that this guide is only for educational purposes and to increase the knowledge on this topic. We are not responsible for the misuse of this information in any way.