AdSense Approval Trick - Approve AdSense Easily

Google AdSense Approval Trick

Approve Google AdSense | AdSense Approval Trick / Guide

Hello! In this article, I'll be sharing an awesome trick to approve Google AdSense easily in very first attempt. Google AdSense is a very popular advertising program because it provides great service. AdSense have high paying rates for publishers and almost all bloggers and webmasters are using AdSense. So if you are new in blogging world then you might be thinking about using Google AdSense on your blog or website. Right? Yes, that's why you're here.

So the main problem is AdSense don't approve every account, to get AdSense approved on your blog you must comply with their conditions. Many newbie bloggers don't look at AdSense policies and try to get AdSense but they forget that Google isn't fooling, you've to make your blog AdSense ready

To get AdSense approved on your blog, follow this guide or trick and get ready to make money by Google AdSense. AdSense is not a child play, you have to work hard to get AdSense account. So without wasting time get on the main topic. Below are some great tricks to approve Google AdSense on your blog or website. An easy way to approve AdSense:


1. Creating YouTube Channel

You can get approved AdSense account by creating a channel on YouTube. But by this way, you'll get Hosted account which is not that good as a Hosted account is. So if you are frustrated by getting AdSense disapproved, again and again, you can use this AdSense approval Trick. Follow below steps:

Step 1. Create a fresh YouTube channel 

Step 2. Upload some unique videos to your channel (Interesting and created by you)

Step 3. Share videos and get some organic views, likes, and subscribers ( More subs, views, likes = More chances to get approved)

Step 4. Now Apply for Google AdSense by navigating to Channel - Monetization - Click on Enable

Step 5. Here you have to click on Start button and then click on Next & it'll take you to the new page where it'll ask you to either sign in using your current Gmail account or create a new one.

Step 6. Now sign-in using your current Gmail account and follow the further process of creating a Google AdSense account (It'll ask some personal and required details such as Name, Address etc.)

Step 7. After that, you'll get an email regarding your AdSense account, and in that email, you'll found that your request to create an AdSense account is received and is being reviewed.

They will take 24-48 hrs to review your request and then you'll get another email from Google, in which you'll get the approval status of your Google AdSense Account. Mostly hosted account get approved all the time. So, don't worry and get ready to earn some cash from Google by showing ads on your YouTube videos.

Note: - There is a condition for creating an AdSense account for YouTube channel, and that is, you must have at least 10k views on your channel to apply for AdSense.


2. Creating Blog or Website

In this method, you have to create a free blog or website. You can use Blogger or Wordpress for this purpose as they are free for everyone. But I'll prefer buying a custom domain because the custom domain gives you more reliability and uniqueness. AdSense gives more value to those who have a custom domain and quality contents. So always make sure that you have a custom domain and unique and quality contents. Follow below-explained steps to get approved by Google AdSense:

  1. First of all, create a free blog at Blogger or Wordpress 
  2. Then buy a custom domain from any of domain providers out there 
  3. Now apply that custom domain to your blog 
  4. After that apply a simple and attractive theme on your website (there are lots of free themes available on the internet) 
  5. Now create some unique and quality articles on your blog, articles should be minimum of 500 words each. ( NO copied or spun articles) 
  6. Use some on-page SEO techniques and make your articles SEO optimized to get some organic traffic to your website (more organic traffic = more chances of approval) 
  7. Share your blog on social sites (such as FB, Twitter, Reddit, Google Plus etc.) to get some social signals which will boost your visibility in search engines.
  8. Now apply for Google AdSense and follow the sign-up process. (proved your name, address, site etc.)
  9. Now after signing up for AdSense account, they will give you limited access to your AdSense account and then you have to create an ad code and then apply this code on your website. 
  10. Now they'll take some time to analyze the quality of your website and traffic and then reply back with the approval status. 

Note: - Focus on UX of your website ( i.e easy to navigate, provide all necessary details on your website etc.) and content quality.

Hopefully, they will approve your Google AdSense account if have followed all the above-explained steps. It's not that hard to get approval from Google AdSense, just read their TOS & policies and write quality contents, focus on SEO and get visibility on search engines.

And bingo!! you'll get an approval email from Google AdSense in a few days. :)

 In my case, I got an approval email in just 6 hrs. I had only 5 articles on my blog and normal theme & some organic traffic. So do your best and hope for positive results. :)


So, guys, these were two different ways or tricks to get Google AdSense Account approved, use this knowledge and do your best. Using these tweaks you'll surely get approval from AdSense. Many of my friends were asking me to write this article so, this is for you guys. AdSense approval trick which helps you to get approved by Google AdSense and earn some money from internet. Work smart & Earn huge. ;)


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