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Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection for Android

We have made a step by step guide of how to bypass a Google factory reset protection, so none of you end up permanently losing your data. This bypass procedure can be performed on any phone, tablet or device that has an android version 5.1 or higher. There are many ways to bypass Google FRP but due the latest android updates those methods have been blocked.
This guide will ensure you don’t take any wrong steps that may be risk for you data. And we hope you try all our methods because the success of bypass depends on the version of the android version. Lower versions android have better chances of getting bypassed.
FRP Bypass Apk

What is Google Factory Reset Protection?

Google added a new feature named FPR or the full form being Factory Reset Protection. Only android devices with android version 5.0 or higher have this security feature. These devices provide built-in security features you can use to protect your device and information, including screen locks and data encryption. It protects the device if it’s ever stolen or lost.

This security feature gets automatically activated as soon as you sign up on a Google account on your device. Once the FPR protocol is activated it prevents the use of factory data reset until and unless you log in using a Google username and password previously set up on the device.

This feature has been introduced in all the latest leading smart phones; it’s mainly for the protection of a person’s data and personal information. Companies like HTC, LG, Samsung and other android interface users implemented this feature in their phones as a safety protocol.

The only need to bypass the Google factory reset protection is when you have forgotten either the username or password or both, of the Google account signed up on your device. Or you have purchased a second- hand device.
You may be worried and might even panic that you have lost all your data but there isn’t any need to worry, Google’s FRP is not too hard to bypass given you take all the right steps. But as Google is updating and continuously increasing security, making it hard to bypass it day by day.

Bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Devices

The older devices of Samsung don’t have Google FRP only newly released devices such as Galaxy J5, J7, Galaxy C5, Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge, S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, and S8 Plus and onwards have this security protocol activated in them.

There are mainly two ways to bypass Google’s FRP on Samsung devices
  • With the help on an OTG cable
  • Access to a PC



Step1: Download FRP bypass tool APK, the download link is provided here - Bypass Samsung Google account verification app apk.

Step 2: Copy the APK file to your USB.

Step 3: Connect the USB to your phone using the OTG cable.

(Once connected the file manager will appear on the screen)
Step 4: Go to the file manager and install the APK app.
(Once installed you’ll now have access to your phone settings.)

Step 5: Find Backup and Reset

Step 6: Tap Factory Reset Data or Reset Device. All the data in your phone will be erased.

Step 7: After you have reset the device. Your device will reboot normally, and may take some time before starting up but that is normal.

This is one way of bypassing Google’s FRP.


The steps are almost same but instead of using an OTG cable you’re going to use your PC

Step 1: Download and Install SideSync.

Step 2: Run SideSync application on your PC, connect your phone using the USB cable.

Step 3: A popup will appear, you will have to choose which gateway you prefer

Step 4: Choose Chrome as it is more suitable, and search the following link

Step 5: Download the APK file and tap back to the Samsung Apps. It will ask you to download SideSync on your device but it is recommended to download ES File Explorer as it is more efficient.
Download and install the app.

Step 6: Open ES File Explorer, go to download folder and run the bypass app APK to install it.

Step 7: Open the Settings menu, scroll down and find Backup and reset.

Step 8: Tap Factory data reset and Reset device.

And that’s it you have finally unlocked your device.

But in any case if you aren’t able to bypass your device, then we would recommend that you downgrade your android version to somewhat close to android 5.0 or 5.1 or android vanilla. And if for some reason if you still aren’t able to bypass it, there are ways where you can pay to get your device unlocked, it won’t cost much but it is recommended that you try it on your own.


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