Top 10 Best Google Gravity Tricks LATEST

Best Google Gravity Tricks You Should Know

We all use Google, isn't it? But we know very little about Google search engine and its crazy tricks. So, today we will be talking about the best Google Gravity tricks you can try right now! Let's get started.

What Are Google Gravity Tricks?

Google Gravity tricks comprise of fantastic google look-alike pages which act crazy upon loading. Some of them fall, some fly away, some rotates randomly! Just perfect for pranking your friends and family.

Best Google Gravity Tricks You Should Try

Google zero gravity flat fall

In this Trick, the Google webpage seems like falling on your computer screen. All web elements like images, texts, buttons, etc. will become physical objects and will bounce all over the place! You definitely should give it a try. click here (

Google Guitar

Do you like guitars? Well, even if you don't you will love this one! In this trick - Google will magically turn into a guitar. So you can play with guitar sounds while searching the web. Click here ( to try it!

Google Sphere

This one is far my favorite!  In this trick, everything will revolve around your screen like a big giant ball! Seems fascinating, isn't it? Give it a try, and you will know! And the best part is- you can change direction and zoom in to guide where the elements flow. It's an excellent time killer, to be honest. check it out here (

Zerg Rush

Do you want to be surprised? If yes then google zerg rush might do the trick for you! With this method, all the zeroes from google will move randomly destroying other zeroes.If you wanna see this zerg chaos, just board over to and search "zerg rush."

Google Underwater

Do you like water? I'm sure you do, after all, you're composed of 70% water. And just to be clear google also comes with a trick where you can search in an aquarium with few sharks and some scary fishes. Check it out here (

Do a barrel roll

Do you want to make the google search engine swrill around? Because in this trick, the google webpage will do a 360-degree spin. Just go over and type "do a barrel roll" in the search box.

Google zero gravity inversion

This google trick will turn your webpage into a mirror image of original google web page. It will feel like you're on the computer screen. Try it out here (

Google space

You will definitely like this one. I mean who doesn't like zero gravity stuff! In this trick, google webpage will go into zero gravity mode giving you an illusion of space. Everything will be floating here and there. Give it a try here ( And the best part is, you can hold and drag any element of the webpage to play with!

Google snake game

This will surely bring back Nokia games vibe in your head. You can enjoy the legendary snake game here, and the game sounds are also good. It will be an excellent time killer if your teacher is teaching boring history lessons! give it a try here (

Google Loco

This one is quite similar to google zero gravity but has a little twist in it. It will simulate the effect of falling in an earthquake. Enjoy this crazy experience here (

Google Rainbow

If you want to try something colorful, then this trick comes to mind. As the name suggests, it will turn Google into random colors. Also, it will turn every landing web links into different colors. Check it out here (

Google Tilt

This one is similar to the "do a barrel roll" trick, but in this one, the webpage will tilt a little. You can easily prank your friends with this one. All you have to do is open and search "tilt" and hit enter. Or you can directly go to this link (

Google Pacman

It sure brings back the Pacman game memories. You can play this game on google as well. The rules are pretty simple; you are the Pacman who needs to finish the ball by eating all the balls while saving yourself from other balls. Try it out here (

Google Terminal

If you're coder or love coding, then you will like this for sure! This trick brings back the vibe of MS-DOS operating systems. You can use it by clicking here (

Easter Egg Trick

I'm not sure why is called "Easter Egg Trick" when it's all about out all time favorite Super Mario Bros. In this trick, you will find a hidden spot where you will earn 200 coins if you click on it! There are rumors that if you click on it 100 times, it will give you the 1up sound. Wanna bust this rumor? All you have to do is search for "Super Mario Bros" on Google search.

Chuck Norris Google trick

Remember Chuck Norris? Well, Google still does! If you go to ( , it will show up with one unexpected search result.

Google Bing Mirror

Do you know about Bing? Its a search engine just like google which shows beautiful images while you search. In this trick, Google will show up with a beautiful image as a background. And oh, I for-got, everything will be mirrored! Check it out here (

Find your IP Location

You can check your geolocation data and IP address with this google trick. It will also show the lon-gitudinal and latitudinal data with a street address. Check it out here (

Weenie Google

It's another tiny trick where all the web elements of Google search engine will turn into small size. Its pretty fun to watch it like this. have a try here (

Number Of Horns On A Unicorn

Do you believe in unicorns? No? Well, Google does and if you search for "number of horns on a unicorn" then google will comes up with a unique way of expressing it.

Final words:
Have you tried every trick above? Tell us in comments if you liked them. Let us know if you en-countered any hiddle tricks while you searched with Google in comment box down below.


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